If you are someone who is thinking on the terms of either getting a new website, or even an overhaul of your existing one, this article might be a good place where you can get some of your answers. 

What makes a website work these days?

A website is not just a great brand differentiator, but when you get an appealing, professionally built website supported by simple features and extensions to keep your customers engaged for longer periods, it always draw more customers and generate new sales. The advantage of using open-source technologies makes it very cheap to embed modern features like Sales Analytics and customer behaviour metrics to offer personalized experience for your customers.

Customer Behaviour has adapted to the new changes in economy

We all had to deal with the enormous health-care challenges since early 2020. While the urge to keep safe is maintained, people were soon to adapt to the changes. Since their motion and commute was suddenly limited, if not altogether zero, they still needed to get their grocery, goods and services by some means, and as the following stat depicts a big chunk of transactions now happen online- using the apps and websites of Amazons and Googles of the world.

Small and Medium Businesses (our beloved SMBs) took a big hit from this sudden change. So while big enterprises with strong internal development teams, could build new websites and more digital options to adjust to new style of reaching to their customers and even offering options of easy payment gateways to purchase, small businesses couldn’t adjust with same agility. Thanks to the affordability of open-source platforms, and kudos to developer community who continue to build secure and safe digital components there, every small business can easily boasts of a great online presence by replenishing their websites with these features.


Customers are more tech-savvy than ever before!

People are so used to surf on their handheld devices (phones, tablets, Alexas etc.) They find it easy to navigate the online world, feel safe to make transactions to online stores and even to share their pleasant experiences digitally with their friends and followers on social media. It is, therefore, very important for businesses to understand this behaviour shift in consumers and invest in their digital assets, especially those that can directly impact their business via means of brand’s prestige and sales growth. 

A well-integrated website is now a core-component of every digital strategy

At the centre of everything online is any brand’s website. Every device – desktop or mobile- is equipped with the browsers of our choice. When a website is opened on Chromes or Safaris of the world, it should talk to your customers and give them a great digital experience to either observe your brand or make a  transaction. Website should also be flexible and responsive which means it shouldn’t be just build for one type of device as the format should automatically adjust according to what device is used. The worst thing to inflect on customers is to give them a bad digital experience when they search or interact online. A dull or insecure website can broke the  hard-won trust. It can also generate an impression of poor quality for a company even though it keeps a great culture in their physical space.

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5 Suggestions for rebranding your website

If you are looking to pull something up for yourself, or are thinking to get help from a good digital agency like Cyberleafs, you can keep these things in mind:

a. Make website using secure https protocol and do not let your website certificate expire. This is necessary to reflect trust in your brand.
b. Don’t spend heavily on every little feature as most, if not all, is available on open and use-for-all platforms like WordPress (40% web is build using WordPress)
c. Get a mobile version created for your website as it is very different and more powerful than the desktop version
d. Website should open quickly and so use CDN plugins to make it load very fast
e. Embed your social media posts, likes and comments in your website so you can have the single picture of your customers and sales

With these simple advice, we urge to also check some of these and many other service Cyberleafs offer. We are a great team of people from technical and builders background and can offer help to get more of your questions answered. 


Cyberleafs is a developing community, which helps you to keep your business running and connected 24*7. With the changing time we need to adjust our digital needs as well. We understand our customers and always shows them right path of success.

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