Reaching customers on their preferred social media – Facebook, Google and other platform

 Customers are spending more and more times on their mobile devices. People are sitting comfortably in their homes and ordering things online. From choosing grocery items and adding them into virtual carts to paying tuition fees, everything is happening on phones, laptops. Even though it may still take quite some time to get back to normal despite best efforts from health-care, it is less likely that people will get back to old way of spending hours in traffic, doing groceries shoulder-to-shoulder with others. 

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Spend more time on Social Media

Social media has seen nothing but wins since it’s advent. People find it more easy to get their entertainment of the day from their personal devices. They can choose and fit their favorite shows in their schedules and watch it even it is most convenient. It seems people are also getting more time to relax as they save a lot of time at almost everything they were doing outside earlier.

More Connection through Social Platform

Social media kept the people connected all through the Covid. It is still doing it as it seems to be building a long tail before the people are free to go out with ease. It has been a positive force for people to be able to use media like WhatsApp, TikTok etc to stay connected with their family and friends and also to get entertained. 

Use Social Media for Business Growth

Companies like Facebook and Google have expanded their empires. Away from their stints in politics at times, mostly in terms of their business offering, they seem to have offered discounts for their platform services. They also have made many features available for common businesses to use like getting better websites, online stores, customer connections and wide reach – all great benefits that are made very affordable for all size of businesses and customer numbers. 

Cyberleafs-help you to grow

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It is therefore a good indication for businesses where to spend their investments. The need to build online channels, for the purpose of sales, marketing and advertisement has skyrocketed. It is very cheap and easy to set up a small website for a short time, conduct a survey to reach new customers and get back results to improve and expand business continuously. It is a great opportunity for businesses to leverage services from web agencies like Cyberleafs Inc. who have great offerings at discounts for small business especially due to their Community Care initiative. Even to invest in your in-house developers and marketing teams should be a priority so you can know and understand your customers’ digital footprints and reach them when they would need you or your services the most.


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